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Construct 2 Games

I have started learning C# the last few months, and while I’m learning to code properly, I’m building some fun smaller projects in Construct 2. I have two projects at a playable state currently, and both show off a few neat effects I’ve figured out. You can also check out some of my C# projects over on my DEMOS page.

Devil Tap – click or tap the devils before they reach the top of the screen! Defeat the boss to win!

and SPOOPY DUNGEON – a random dungeon generator game where you have to find the key to unlock the stairs while avoiding the scary ghosts! Click to move. The farther away you click, the faster she moves. :)

I’m hoping to get these games to full on awesome app level completion by the end of the year. Thanks for playing!

Dinosaur Coloring and Activity Book

I have been invited to do arts and crafts with foster children next week, so I drew a coloring and activity book about dinosaurs to print and take to them. I have a lot of friends who teach or have children, so I thought maybe I’d release it into the world and if people liked it, I’d expand upon it!

It’s pay what you want, just select your price from the drop down and the download should start.


Pay What You Want


I have spent two solid weeks building assets for a twitch channel. It’s been a lot of fun, and I even built a chat bot that not only helps moderate my chat, but also serves as a random drawing topic generator, and a random character generator for when I want to do character design. I called it Teddy Robosevelt because having a clever name is more important to me than cohesive theming.

I plan to stream drawings and game creation adventures. To kick off October, I’m going to try to design a simple platforming game that is Halloween themed!


My Patreon is now live! I have several cool things going on there, including  frequent art uploads, full resolution downloads, and an interactive process with my video and game creations. Consider supporting my artwork!

The Colors, Duke!

Something completely life changing happened this past weekend. My wife and my three best friends all pooled their resources and got me special corrective glasses for colorblindness.


The world is so bright and technicolor, I’m actually having trouble processing it all. And it came at such a cool time – I’ve just come out of a really rough two-week long Murphy’s Law gauntlet with the wife, and my creativity was just starting to really kick in again, but now, I feel like one of the insurmountable obstacles in the way of me creating – or at the very least, appreciating – my work has been nulled and I am exponentially more energized and creative than I was.

I am working on the second episode of Legendary Character Design as we speak, and I’ve even set up a Patreon account to help support it. Links to all that when it’s done.


But seriously. So colorful.


If you or someone you know is colorblind, consider changing their life ->


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Quick update – due to the super gracious patronage of a close friend, I’ve been hard at work reviving a youtube show I tried to start last year. The new setup is much more viable to video editing and recording than my laptop was, and a really nice mic was donated for the cause. So my hope is that this month I will be regularly updating a show called Legendary Character Design, a show that will take a figure from history, dissect what makes them “legendary”, boil them down to a few key qualities, and then use that to springboard an idea for an original character. The idea for the show combines two big passions of mine, history and art (ironically, I don’t care much for ‘art history’) and I’m really excited to give it the effort it deserves.

I’ve just finished the opening to the show, check it out!


So this has been an eventful-yet-unproductive month. I built a robot, that was cool. It’s a drawbot that I was going to hack to draw caricatures, I thought it’d be really cool. However, I can’t get enough detail out of it to make a discernible face. I might try again later, but I think the solution is going to be “build a better robot”, and I don’t have the time or the funds for that. I also spent every dime I had on a new computer setup! It’s beautiful! My laptop is 6 years old (almost exactly) and, granted, it was the best laptop money could buy in 2010, it was starting to reach it’s limitations. I’d get BSODs while drawing in Photoshop or Manga Studio, and it didn’t have the RAM or processing power to allow me to livestream while drawing. So I bought a bunch of parts and built a desktop.

And God dang is it sweet. I discovered Solid State Harddrives, and now Windows boots up faster than my monitor does. Heaven forbid I ever actually need to access the BIOS. I also boosted up to 32 Gigs of RAM, which sounds INSANE to me right now, but I’m sure in a few years I’ll be laughing at how paltry it is.

The only problem was, it didn’t want to play with my tablet, which kind of defeated the WHOLE POINT of upgrading my rig. Sure, playing Skyrim on the highest settings with over 100 mods was cool for a few days, but I have a living to make. Enter two solid weeks of troubleshooting drivers and apps and system restores and every conceivable thing I could think of.

Long story short, today I finally got everything working smoothly. And to show for it, I have my first piece of pixel art, which I think I’m in love with doing.